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Announcement Advisory Council Member – Amy Wilson

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Amy Wilson joined Reward Value’s Advisory Council. She is regional team lead for Europe, EOS at Federated Hermes.

Amy has over 10 years of industry experience prior to joining Federated Hermes. She began her career in consultancy before holding various positions at publicly-listed UK retailer J Sainsbury and, latterly, global health insurer, Bupa, where she was Group Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. She holds a degree in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

“The work that we do on behalf of our clients is focused on ensuring sustainable value creation over the long-term, for investors, their beneficiaries, and wider society. We strongly believe that companies can only achieve this by sustainably solving societal needs, guided by a clear purpose and enabled by robust governance, a healthy culture, and leadership that sets the right tone from the top. How executives are incentivised and rewarded has a significant impact on all of these areas. We want to see executive pay that is simple, long-term and aligned to the desired culture and strategy of the organisation. We are concerned about pay practices around the world that generate ever-increasing quantum and risk driving short-term behaviour and poor practices.”

EOS at Federated Hermes is one of the world’s largest, specialist stewardship teams, representing long-term investors from around the world with assets of over $1.5 trillion (as at June 2021). We engage with investee companies and policy makers on environmental, social, governance, strategic and financial issues, to promote long-term, sustainable returns for investors, their beneficiaries, and wider society.

Amy Wilson leads the European engagement team at EOS and engages with companies across the region, focused on the consumer goods, retail, pharmaceutical and industrials sectors, and thematic areas across the ESG spectrum. In recent years, she has led the development of EOS’ global governance guidelines and proxy voting policies and its work on executive remuneration.