Announcement Advisory Council Member – Aniel Mahabier

Aniel, is a seasoned entrepreneur, innovator and global business executive with extensive experience in building teams, products and sales strategies that transform businesses and accelerate growth.

Aniel was the Founder and CEO of CGLytics, a leading global ESG SaaS provider for Corporate Governance & Executive Compensation data analytics, which Diligent Corporation acquired in 2018. He served as the CEO of CGLytics and a member of Diligent’s Executive Committee until December 2020, where he built and lead a multi-million-dollar global business focused on data analytics and ESG.

He currently serves as a Senior Advisor to Diligent Corporation, sits on the advisory board of ZMH Advisors, a strategic shareholder advisory and engagement firm, the Diligent Institute and invests in early-stage tech companies.

Aniel has worked closely with leading investors, corporate boards, and their advisors. Before CGLytics, he spent 20+ years in the financial services sector and worked with companies such as Barclays, BNP and Hermes Investment Management in the field of ESG, Human Resources, Business transformation and Corporate Development. He  is a frequent speaker at industry events and has written and published various white papers, thought leadership content and articles on best-in-class Corporate Governance and Executive Pay practices. He has worked and lived in the US, London, Amsterdam and performed short term assignments in Asia.

Over the years we have seen various initiatives in the market to better align executive pay with long term value creation and shareholder interest. A few examples are the pledge taken by the Business Roundtable in 2019  or investors taking a stronger stand by strengthening their voting guidelines and engagement on executive pay practices or regulatory directives, like SRD II, which became effective a year ago,  for creating a more transparent, pay for performance and socially sustainable pay practice. More recently, we have seen companies integrating ESG metrics in their pay plans. In addition, corporations have been amending their executive pay levels in light of the pandemic. However, the 2021 proxy season, demonstrates that there is still a lot of work to be done with aligning pay with all stakeholders interests. We are not seeing material changes to companies’ Ceos compensation packages that have been impacted by the pandemic. This is mainly due to the way the plans are designed and governed.


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