Announcement Advisory Council Member – Rens ter Weijde

Rens ter Weijde is the CEO of KIMO, a Dutch firm focused on personalized learning. In addition, Rens is involved as an advisory board member in other companies with a focus on strategy and digitization. In the past, Rens worked as the CEO of Purpose+, a strategy boutique focused on long-term value creation in organizations, where he led global discussions around long-term value, worked with over 80 clients to define purpose-driven strategies, and published two books on the topic.
Ter Weijde holds degrees in psychology, business, and artificial intelligence – and believes in the value of continuous learning. He studied Social- and Sport Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and worked with athletes (e.g. Eredivisie, Hoofdklasse Hockey, Cirque du Soleil) before joining McKinsey & Company as a consultant in 2011. While working for Purpose+ in 2015, he joined an executive leadership course at THNK, followed by an executive MBA at Harvard Business School between 2016 and 2017. Between 2018 and 2019, he added degrees in artificial intelligence (e.g. deep learning, reinforcement learning). He is currently enrolled as a CFA L3 candidate.

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