Announcement Advisory Council: Selma Seddik

Selma is a social entrepreneur with a mission to stimulate the transition to a circular economy. She is one of the founders and owners of Instock. Instock is a social enterprise focussing on reducing food waste and creating awareness. Around 1/3rd of all food is wasted worldwide, having a huge impact on our resources.

At Instock surplus is turned into delicious meals or products. What began as a pop-up restaurant evolved into a company with multiple restaurants, catering services, two cooking books and various circular products such as beer and granola. Instock is currently expanding ‘InstockMarket’ a sustainable online wholesaler for chefs. So far, over a million kilos of food have been rescued. Instock was founded in 2014 after winning an innovation competition.

Selma studied Political Science at the University College Utrecht and International Management at King’s College London. At Ahold she worked in sustainability, a supermarket store and internal auditing. She lives in Amsterdam with her husband and daughter.

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