The Reward Value Foundation has established the Reward Value Association to allow our stakeholders to become partners in our mission. The association forms a community platform on which stakeholders can exchange views with Reward Value and among each other on the topic of executive remuneration. The association also has a say in the research agenda of the Reward Value Foundation. The membership fees paid to the Association are used to finance the work of the Foundation. The members of the Association have preferred and deeper access to all research material of the Foundation, its literature databases and the SLTVC database, as well as free access to webinars and seminars organized by the Reward Value Foundation. By becoming a member, you or your organization supports the research activities of Reward Value and in return get access to the latest research, integrated financial and non-financial performance assessment in accordance with our model, and participate in the lively discussions on our platform.

As Reward Value, we believe in cooperative strength. Cross sector collaboration of academics, NGOs and government organisations, as well as practioners, business and investment communities is needed to realise the much needed change in executive remuneration. It is a change for the good. Be a part of it.

Don’t miss out on the newest developments and be part of the change in Executive Remuneration

Become a part of the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ and concur in the development of remuneration policies that contribute to long-term sustainable and inclusive value creation. Together with you, we promise to be a game-changer for helping any purpose-led corporation align its entire organisation and corporate behaviours around its stated purpose.

Besides actively supporting in the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ there is more.

  • Invitations to events, webinars, and workshops,
  • Use of the Collaboration Platform to network with our members,
  • Participate in research and related developments,
  • Special access to our SLTVC Database,
  • Access to over 400+ related articles in our Literature Database,
  • Consults from our experts,
  • Co-determine the research activities of the Reward Value Foundation
  • Eligible to published research and articles on our Platform