Application designer and platform implementation

Reward Value

In our current world, many companies and organizations are striving to change the ways of working in search of a needed circular economy contributing to a healthier environment and equal opportunities in society. The Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Global Compact are reflected in many corporate purpose statements. Executive pay, however, remains often linked to short-term financial success, and is therefore often not aligned to the ambitious purpose statements. If you do not link purpose to pay, purpose will remain a hollow phrase. Reward Value is addressing this shortcoming in cooperation with universities and business schools and the investment community. Changing executive pay is a key contributor to the needed change towards inclusive societies on a healthy planet. In joining our work, you can become part of this exiting and relevant catalyst for change.


The candidate is a bachelor student in Information Technology  and has an interest for software engineering / data engineering. The candidate has analytical skills and practical operational skills. The English language is recommended. Resilience, drive and humour are important characteristics in our team.

The assignment

We offer an all-round assignment with a lot of freedom to act and responsibility. The assignment includes the full package of data/software engineering.

  1. Obtain the needs and requirements
  2. Analyse the excisting data
  3. Gather and clean new data
  4. Advice on architecture
  5. Solution design
  6. Implementation of tool on platforms.

The internship is immediately available and the effective duration can be agreed upon mutually with you and your university / educational institute. The internship can result in a thesis needed by the candidate.


Due to current COVID-19 regulations, the candidate will mainly work from home. Regular sessions with the Reward Value manager will help the candidate to obtain the needed guidance, reach the appropriate level of progress and ensure the desired quality of the work. The candidate will be involved in other developments of the organization in order to become an active part of our growing initiative in support of long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

The candidate needs to be available for at least 2 days a week. The candidate can be located in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe. Necessary travel will be reimbursed. Compensation is in line with the market.

What we offer?

You will be part of an international research initiative with exposure to key stakeholders. You will have access to the latest academic and practioner economic, finance, legal and psychological developments. You will be part of our internal team and of the teams of our partners. If you want to have impact in these dynamic times, take the opportunity and join us.


You can submit your interest to We kindly ask you to send us your CV supplemented with a motivation letter outlining your interest in our internship.