Interview Community Lead – Danique Sondermeijer

Danique Sondermeijer has been involved with Reward Value from the very beginning. It’s time to put a face to the engine behind Reward Value. Danique Sondermeijer is Community Lead at Reward Value.

“I am a connector and like to get added value from bringing people and processes together. I am also a very organized type and I quickly see how the wheels spin. This combined with many discipline ensures that I can provide structure, guarantee planning and maintain an overview.”

In 2019, Frederic took on a different role in the corporate world and directly involved Danique in setting up Reward Value. They had been working together for a long time and knew they form a good team. “Frederic is really the initiator, he determines the direction we are going and knows what it takes to achieve our goal. To make this a success our stakeholders are very important, this requires a tight organized approach.”

“As a community lead, I think it’s important to build good relationships with the specific stakeholder. Keep everyone connected and establish a clear structure so we mutually know what is expected. In addition, my goal is to increase the value for the stakeholders as a whole by connecting. By bringing together the knowledge and insights of our stakeholders, you often come up with the most valuable lessons and new ideas.”

Structure is Danique’s middle name. She has a schedule for the week that she keeps herself and others to. This way you keep an overview and let that be exactly what she is good at. “I start the days with a check in with Frederic. Then I go through the schedules to be able to start with a clean slate. Then I go into the content, for example I have a communication day, a team day and an administration day. After all, it is also my responsibility to make sure we are compliant.  If I structure my days, I keep an overview and can help ensure that everyone is in their power.”

The philosophy of Reward Value is quite scientific. This is something that really appeals to Danique. “We do groundbreaking research that is not based on feelings but on facts. I want to be able to give substantiated answers to people in the area of executive remuneration and its power. In doing so, I hope we can encourage people to make a more sustainable choice. And especially the large corporates of this world. Precisely these large corporates can be an accelerator for a more sustainable society. Danique also sees challenges in this. Mainly in the area of creating the awareness. “Everyone knows that paying for your plastic bag or taking the bike is a more sustainable choice. Why doesn’t everyone know that a different remuneration model can also have a huge impact in becoming more sustainable?”