SEO Amsterdam Economics

Partnership with SEO Amsterdam Economics

Reward Value extends research partnership with SEO Amsterdam Economics into how executive remuneration can contribute to long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

Recently the partnership between Reward Value and SEO Amsterdam Economics has been extended. We are very pleased about this. Therefore, we asked Bas ter Weel, Managing Director of SEO Amsterdam Economics, about his view on the research, the collaboration and his personal motivation to contribute to the mission of Reward Value.

An exciting journey

Bas ter Weel: “Together with Reward Value we have made a start on a remuneration model for the top of the business world. This is based on long-term value creation for all stakeholders instead of looking at short-term financial performance. This has been an exciting and exhilarating journey through the worlds of science, policy and business that is far from complete. In the coming years, much more research is needed, the ideas need to be tested and we need to demonstrate that our proposals actually bring the interests of companies and society closer together.”

Companies and stakeholders on the same page

Bas his motivation for contributing to Reward Value’s mission is that there needs to be a discussion about the composition of the remuneration package of people who bear great responsibility within the business world. “They must have incentives to serve not only now, but also the world of tomorrow and the day after with their products and services,” said Bas. At the moment the discussion is almost exclusively about the level of remuneration, which does not lead to companies and stakeholders coming into line.

“The mission of Reward Value will be successful if we manage to influence executive remuneration in such a way that long-term value creation is central”

-Bas ter Weel, Managing Director SEO Amsterdam Economics-

Mission accomplished

Bas: “I hope that we can influence remuneration policies in such a way that the long-term value creation is central in the assessment and remuneration of the leaders of large companies. And that we can educate the next generation with even more feeling for a sustainable future of business.”