Webcast: Sustainability Reporting Landscape

In an era marked by increasing concern for the planet’s well-being and societal progress, the world has come to realize that it’s no longer sufficient for businesses to focus solely on financial performance. The corporate landscape is evolving, and a paradigm shift is underway. Enter sustainability reporting, an indispensable tool that goes beyond traditional financial reporting, shining a light on a company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. The urgency to address these challenges has never been greater, and as we strive for a sustainable future, a standardized disclosure framework becomes crucial to effectively communicate and measure sustainability performance. However, navigating through the current sustainability reporting landscape can be overwhelming, often resembling a perplexing alphabet soup, with a myriad of acronyms and frameworks floating around.

In this webinar, Paige Hanekom, talks you through the sustainability Reporting Landscape as is on July 2023